Our Service System Analysis and Objectives Spiritual Development Education System Curriculum
『Mind Power Development System for Enterprises』Curriculum
2 day 16 hour seminar  
  1. M.P.E. Mind Potential Exploration Seminar
2. O.M.R. Organizational Mind Revitalization Seminar
3. G.M.T. Green Miracle Team Seminar
3~8 hour workshop
  1. How to Stimulate Life Potential Workshop
2. Development of Deep Life Potential Workshop
3. Stimulation of Mind Power for Breaking Through Enterprise Barriers
4. Stimulation of Mind Power Applied to Enterprise Culture and Objectives
5. Team Leadership for Creating High Performance Seminar
6. Flexibility of Knowledge Management Workshop
7. Six Secrets of the Joy in Life Workshop
8. Music Therapy for the Mind Workshop
9. Sacred Rose of Life Potential Workshop
10. Mind Power Development Applied to E.Q.
11. Mind Power Development Applied to Telephone Manners
Enterprise Management Situation Training Curriculum (EMS Training)

Leadership Moves Situation Training

  1. Performance Management
2. Exercises in Leadership Skills
3. Exercises in Communication Skills
4. Dealing with Difficult Situations
B. Job Development Situation Training
  5. Stress Management : A Practical Approach
6. Harassment in The Workplace : Employee Awareness
7. Conflict Communication Skills
8. Customer Service Workshop : With A Spirit
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